Bel Cibo


Bel Cibo Pizzeria

Project Type

Restaurant Fit-out


Smithfield, Dublin 1

Bel Cibo is located in the heart of Dublin's Smithfield. The Restaurant is 2,000 Sq ft in area.

The Unique design focuses on vast amounts of natural light which was maintained as part of the fit-out through exposing mechanical and electrical services and the structure. The Key elements focused on are Lighting, Food Counters, Graphics, furniture and flooring. The bright vibrant colours encourage the customer to enter the space but also maintain a level of comfort and warmth.

The young working population has specific needs and requirements dictated by lifestyle where free time is at a minimum. These people are quickly tiring of the convenience offers currently available. We were required to create a concept for a new brand which would not only reflect the heritage of Smithfield, providing a market vibe, but also one which could appeal to this contemporary clientele. Visually the design team has used the heritage of Smithfield coupled with a contemporary atmosphere to present a unique environment.

Completed between June and September 2009.