Design for Contemporary House in Kilcullen


Private Client

Project Type

Detached house


Gilltown, Kilcullen, Co. Kildare

The brief for this house was to design a contemporary home that would sit in and work with the landscape of the site at Gilltown, near Kilcullen, in Co. Kildare. The site affords beautiful views of the countryside, which we wished to optimise with the design proposal.

The concept for the design is that the building works as both frame and mirror, to the surrounding countryside. Thus, rather than imposing itself on the land, it works sympathetically within it, highlighting and enhancing it. The massing of the house is low to minimise its impact on the land. Elements of the building frame particular views, focusing in on elements of the landscape, while large glazed sections serve to both afford views from the inside out while reflecting the landscape in which it sits.