Crotanstown Grange for PME Donnelly


PME Donnelly Ltd

Project Type

Housing Development.


Crotanstown Grange, Green Road, Newbridge, Co. Kildare.

We have been working with PME Donnelly Ltd since 1974. This is the tenth housing development we have designed for them.

This was planned as a development of 60 detached houses and detached bungalows with some semi-detached houses. Over the years, in response to changing economic situations, it was re-designed for 50 units but now, in 2016, it is back up to 60 units.

We also assisted our clients in having the lands zoned for residential use and then designed the development for them.

Work commenced on the construction of the houses in 2005.

Moorefield Drive - 1974
Liffey Drive - 1974
Connell Drive - 1978
Baroda Court - 1981
River Court - 1985
Roseberry Court - 1992
Raymond’s Court - 1992
Athgarvan Heights - 1996
Rosemount Court - 1996
Crotanstown Grange - 2003