Caragh National School, Naas, Co. Kildare


Caragh National School

Project Type

Extension to provide a 20 classroom school


Caragh, Naas, Co. Kildare

We started this project with a brief to extend the existing small school by 4 classrooms. However, during the course of developing the school design it became apparent that it should be extended further and that it would be more cost effective to demolish most of the old one and build mostly new. This was done with the approval of the Department of Education and Skills.

Thus we designed an extension of 15 classrooms with en-suite toilets and wet areas, a General Purpose Room/Gymnasium. There is also a Social Space, Library, 4 resource rooms, kitchenette, staff room and smaller facilities. The administration and principal’s office are located at the entrance lobby to ensure control over access to the school.

The school continued in operation during the construction period from January 2010 to July 2011. This entailed very close co-operation with the school, the contractors and the design team to ensure that the new school was constructed with the minimum of interference to the existing.

The school was built in phases. The existing pre-fabs, on site, were relocated on land to the rear and additional pre-fabs hired in for the construction period. When these were ready the main part of the old school was demolished and the bulk of construction began. The school was handed over in phases which allowed for a smooth take over of the entire by the pupils and staff.

Completed in July 2011, on time and within budget.