Planning Permission Granted – Contemporary Extension to 1950s House in Naas


Ongoing Project: This extension to a 1950s house in Naas was recently granted Planning Permission.

The extension's form was dictated by the long, narrow nature of the site. The existing building and extension are connected via a flat roof link corridor. Two courtyards are created between the link, the main extension and the existing building, maximizing sunlight to both old and new spaces.

The existing dwelling will contain the sleeping accommodation, while the living spaces will be housed in the proposed extension, looking out to the large back garden.

The goal of the design was to connect the house to the garden. This is achieved through the creation of an axis from the existing front door, through the proposed extension, to the existing large evergreen tree at the end of the garden. This route through the house culminates in a tall window to the rear of the house, which frames a complete view of the tree, the garden and the sky.